Personal training

Trying to get fit or increase your fitness alone can be a real struggle, both in terms of knowledge of what works as well as motivational factors. Winnie is expert at helping individuals in a range of circumstances:

  • General fitness: many professional clients lead busy lives, but find themselves sitting at a desk all day, and need help to regain fitness
  • Target events: clients may have target events that they want to get in shape for eg weddings, marathons etc
  • Target areas: individuals are often unhappy with one specific body area that they wish to target to realize their ideal figure 
  • Sports: people involved in specific sports often require specialist help to build muscle, or explosive power   

Winnie will work with each individual, old or young, to create a program for fitness individually tailored to their needs, and can advise on exercise and diet.

Winnie can work around your schedule, and come and visit you at your home, or in your gym, without disturbing other gym users