Judo is a Japanese martial art, and was introduced as an olympic sport in the 1964 Tokyo olympic games. Although the word 'judo' translates roughly as 'the gentle way', 'gentleness' does not spring immediately to mind when one witnesses, or participates in, a contest. Judo is split into two basic sets of skills: nage-waza (throwing techniques), and ne-waza (ground fighting), which include chokes, strangles, armlocks and hold-downs.

Winnie guides clients of all levels, including:

  • Pure beginners to judo
  • People coming back to judo after a long break
  • Other martial artists looking at judo for the first time       
  • Kyu-grades who want to sharpen their skills in both nage-waza and ne-waza
  • Individuals who want to practise and drill specific techniques
  • Self-defence